Here is a sampling of just a few custom project we have done. Notice the diversity and functionality, design and materials. Also, notice that there is no variance in quality. All of our work is high quality.

Pyramid Shaped Sign (Stainless Steel)

Pyramid Sign Stainless Steel

Plasma Cutter


Police Car Simulator

Custom made simulator for a police department to train and test officers. The unit provided the department with a means to create an environment to test driving skills without putting the officers or the public at risk.

We designed the unit to adhere to the departments exact needs.

Police Driving Simulator
Police Driving Simulator 2

Bus Simulator

Bus Driving Simulator
Truck Cab Simulator
Bus Driving Simulator

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Skydrol closed
Skydrol Open

Hose Drain System

Skydrol Drain System

Component Cart with Lift Lid

Component Cart with Lift Lid